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Who, exactly, is Captain Courageous? How to survive in dance music

When it comes to heavy hitters in electronic music, there are those names that are instantly recognisable. Similar to the recognition of ear nibbling Tyson in the boxing world, certain moon tanned musical pugilists don the silk, side step the pack, and become household names. They are considered, by much of the population, to be winners because they are seen to be winning. Success is, of course, always relative. Every blog, journalist, online expert, artist and punter has an opinion about what should constitute achievement and receive critical acclaim.

There are, similarly, distinctions that can be drawn between those who are considered to be experimental and those who walk the vague, yet formulaic, line that is safe, commercial success. It begs the question of why creating with an open mind – under the one moniker – can be more challenging for some producers than……….


Airbound London – Free ticket competition

Would you like to win some free tickets to come aboard London’s biggest party boat and take part in 2 days of naughty-cal parties with the likes of: JG Wilkes/Optimo, Chateau Flight, The Drifter, White Collar Boy, and House of Disco’s Magnier?

Well we’re going to make it really easy on you!

To enter the competition simply click HERE or the image below and come up with the best caption for this image and share it on your Facebook wall

Airbound tickets

For more info on the 2 days of fun and parties click HERE or the image below


Mano le Tough – Changing Days Album Review

Review by Matthew Crick




If the Mano le Tough blueprint is to create music “that’s more than hands in the air 5am moments in a club”, then his debut LP, Changing Days, could possibly be the antidote for those excessive moments of partying.

And through this album, we could also be encountering the more accomplished Niall Mannion mood at present, rather than the unpolished Mano sound of the past. The Irishman did what …………

[Read the full review & listen here]

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