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April’s label of the Month: Need Want

Every month, positioned around a table wearing only our serious faces, we take a look at the record labels that are hotter than a Burning Man bicycle seat; choose one, and then put it on our approving pedestal. Simple you say? No, not really…

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Ruben & Ra – One Night At The Disco EP Review

Review by Matthew Crick




The great thing about the often unpredictability of our musical compass, as well as being unrelenting record diggers, bordering on the clinically obsessed, is that no matter who or what is our influence – new and old – we will always find our very own piece of paradise within that sound.

However, the idea of euphonic tranquillity is of course different to the next persons, which is how it should be, unless talking about the…….

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The Dead Rose Music Company – Four Songs EP Review

Review by Matthew Crick




There is unsolved speculation as to why The Dead Rose Music Company chooses to remain anonymous. Talk of long-standing family feuds still linger, with divisions so far and wide that secret meetings have to take place in order to harness their unforgiving love for house and disco.

Others claim that they are in fact simply music exiles on a mission, and one that nobody knows exactly……………….

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