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Aroop Roy – House of Disco Guestmix

Todays guestmix is from our newest housemate Aroop Roy (Yes it’s his real name), who’s Ep has also just dropped on House of Disco (Check it out here). Aroop’s made a name for himself by………..

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Soultage – House of Disco Guestmix

Next up in our podcast are Dutch duo ‘Soultage’. Having just turned in a stunning remix for us of Snack’s track ‘Burnin’ it seemed only only too fitting to get the guys involved for a mix. Expect lots of …….

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Closed Paradise – House of Disco Guestmix

Todays guest in our podcast series plumbs the deeper ends of house and has turned in some serious tackle for Kolour, Whiskey Disco and Masterworks over the past while. We love his almost underwater disco and the state of hypnosis we find ourselves under when…………

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Snacks – House of Disco Guestmix

Today for the 44th in our mix series we have Berlin dwelling duo Snacks turning in a tasty mix to increase your heart rate. Having just turned in a remix on our latest Ep from Fouk and with a track just coming out on Mule Musiq the guys are finding their stride as producers and their quality over quantity approach turned our head ever since……..

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Luxxury – House of Disco Guestmix

Today for the 43rd mix in our guest mix series we have LA based edit maestro ‘Luxxury’ weighing in with a slow edits mixtape to soundtrack your sunsets until the summer winds down. There’s a very familiar feeling to this mix indeed as Luxxury puts his laid back touch on artists like ‘The Doors’, ‘Paul Simon’, ‘Tears For Fears’, ‘Dolly Parton’and the list just goes on. It’s a really interesting to hear his approach to revitalising something you already know so well and we think he manages to put his own voice in there.

Known mostly for his sultry edits Luxxury answers a few questions for us about some of the original productions we can expect, his upcoming EU tour and …………….

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