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I love it when you find a perfect warm up track, this remix from Mr Leigh is exactly that. It takes the mostly acapella original and turns it into a burner that grows and grows both in length an pace. You sort of lose yourself in its hypnotic loops and vocal and it’s only when it cuts loose at 2:35 that you snap out of it and the track really starts to go to work on you. Class stuff again from Mr Leigh.

This edit from disco anorak Joey Negro breathes fresh life into a classic. Not for the first time as many of you will recognise the samples from a 1999 number 1 ‘hit’ from Armand Van Helden, I ask you please suspend your judgement and take the original for what it is, a fantastic track. Once you do this you will see why Joey Negro has taken the time to make this his own, that bassline, those vocals and of course the strings have been masterfully re-arranged for the dancefloor, just a shame its so short. Get out and get down folks!

Ever since Konstantin Sibold popped onto our radar with ‘Lief’ we’ve been following his progress with a keen eye. His productions are classy in every way and for the first time he’s decided to give something away to say thanks to his fans. It’s an old but extremely popular edit of Jay Z. Now we’re not usually ones for posting a lot of Hip Hop but we’ll happily make an exception for something this good. I’ll let you make your own minds up.

This uptempo edit actually feels like a slowed down one, thats how slow the original track is from Hamilton Bohannon. Swiss based Amicus have done some really nice things with this one leaning heavily on the sax and not so heavily on the vocal. Sunset music methinks.



Responsible for some of our favourite low slung and hypnotic edits Luvless certainly does the slo-mo thing better than most out there. Rather than sounding lazy his productions sound remarkably complex and detailed, this warm edit of Michael Jackson’s ‘Liberian Girl’ is no different. Im always so wary of pressing play on a Michael Jackson edit but this one was a nice surprise. Not relying too heavily on the vocals of MJ himself Luvless has singled out the strangest of vocal loops from the very beginning of the track, to most people they don’t even notice this vocal, and it’s for that exact reason that Luvless stands out as a producer.

Here’s a free download for you
download button done 300x60 Michael Jackson   Change My World (Luvless Remix)



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