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Larry Levan’s favourite track gets reworked by his old friend Nicky Siano, I think we’ll let Nicky say it better than we ever could:

“When I met Larry (Levan) in 1973, all he wanted to be was a designer. After working at the GALLERY for two years, one night, while we were decorating for the weekend’s parties, he asked me if he could play some records. I said OF COURSE, and while he played, and tried to mix (NO SHADE, IT WAS HIS FIRST TIME!), I stood by him, and told him the things that other DJ’s told me, DON’T CUT OFF THE WORDS IN MID SENTENCE, Try to blend the beats, Hold the record on the side LIKE THIS, and on and on and on. Then in 1975 while we were still living together, he got his first job DJing at THE CONTINENTAL BATHS. Within a few weeks he came home and played me a record, THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG, he announced. I AM PROUD TO SAY I have remixed that song, adding drums, snares, shakers, and enhancing strings and other instruments.”

Thanks for spreading the love Nicky, we’re listening.

Here’s a free download for you:



I have a lot of love for the original of this edit, so much that I bought it twice when it was re-issued on vinyl so I would never have to brave discogs when I wore out one copy. So I pressed play apprehensively when I saw this edit from Hober Mallow. We’ve featured his edits a fair bit on here so I hoped the original was in safe hands and in this case it certainly is. He’s kept all the original feeling, but extended it, dubbed it out, and given it a bit more of a woozy feel. Nice version and if it’s your first time hearing the source, a lovely introduction to a classic.

– Magnier

One of our closest housemates Harry Wolfman is sitting on a goldmine of unreleased tracks and he’s decided to start giving some away, starting with ‘Stop By XX’. This track has all of Harry signature elements, rubbery baselines, dusty kicks, and that buried funk that is so consistent throughout so many of his productions. He’s dug out a gem of a sample for this and used the instrumental version of ‘Rahsaan Patterson’s – Stop By’ as the foundation. Clever sampling is too rare these days.

– Magnier



I cannot tell you how much love I have for this edit, my copy of the vinyl is so warn out. Originally released as a vinyl only track on the phenomenal ‘Very Polish Cutouts’ series, which dug out old polish disco and breathed new life into it. Well label bossman Zambon has very kindly given it away for free digitally, so now everyone can appreciate Ptaki’s wonderful production. That vocal hook is about as addictive as it gets. Sad to see the series finished but all good things must come to an end…..I guess.

Our buddies over at Rollover in Milan have started a series of Balearic leaning free edits called Rollover Edit Service where once in a while a treat will pop up, today’s that day. Marvin & Guy have tackled “Stone Cold” by the British Rock Band “Rainbow” and removed all the best bits for us to enjoy (there aren’t that many) and played down a lovely little acid line for it all to chug along to. Tasty & tasteful music for boats.

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