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In the words on Cam, the gentleman that is Late Nite Tuff Guy.

“About 6 months ago, just before I set off on my 5 month tour of Europe I got a message from a good friend of mine asking me if I would edit a track that he loves. I said of course, and asked him what track. Turns out its a big favourite of mine also.’Why Can’t We Live Together’ by Timmy Thomas is an amazing song with a strong message that is even more relevant today than it was back in 1972.

The message is clear, it’s simple, it’s beautiful. I’m saddened by recent events around the world and I’ve always tried to spread love through music, because for me, music is love.

I don’t think we need to say more, thank you for the music Cam and keep on feeling!


Things get a little spicy today as Tim Zawada’s edit of La Primavera (We can’t find the original, can anyone help here) dons a full brass ensemble and a distinctly latin groove. Lovely interplay or percussion and horns set this one off and get the blood pressure up. One of those tunes that’s more fun if you have someone to dance with.

Adriano is a pretty big deal in Italy, with a career that spans 40 years, and so many tracks that I would bore you to tears going into it. Anyway, this edit from Afshin & Alex Finkin takes the original track, actually titled L’unica Chance, and makes it nice and Dj friendly, it doesn’t add too much, which is sometimes a really good thing.

‘You need coooool aid’, it’s pretty rare that I hear a Led Zeppelin edit and don’t think it’s absolute rubbish. This one on the other hand is pretty damn good, as are most of Luxxury’s edits. He treads a very tricky path tackling such big tracks but his skill as a producer and remixer sets his edits apart. I’ve heard this one played out as part of one of his ‘Live Remix’ sets and the place erupted. A time and place for everything I guess.

Caribbean steel drum overload today as Krystal Klear puts together a gloriously warm edit of Boogsie’s ‘Can’t You See Me’. Interesting interplay bewteen the vocals and the drum and one is never without the other and the parallel throughout the track. Smile inducing disco at it’s very best.

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