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Always happy to see a freebie from Late Night Tuff Guy pop up on our radar! This time around he’s taking Donna Summer for a slow dance, that quickly turns into a downright boogie. The original track from Donna is ‘Bad Girls’ and this has LNTG’s signature sound stamped all over it. He doesn’t do anything too rude to Donna which is key to the success of this joining of sounds. This isn’t their first date however as LNTG has turned his attention to Donna before with his edit titled ‘Love2Love’. It’s clear that he’s got some love for this lady, but don’t we all, so it’s nice to see her treated with respect.

Here’s a free download for you
download button done 300x60 Donna Summer   Do U Wanna Get Down [LNTG Rework]



Today we have an exclusive freebie for you from Ben Gomori. His version to Marvin’s amazing ‘Inner City Blues’ rebuilds some unmistakable vocals into a darker composition using them as an instrument, like you would a set of keys. It’s less of a remix and more of an original sampling familiar moments.

Ben Gomori Exclusive 300x300 Marvin Gaye   Inner City Blues (Ben Gomoris Edit)

Put a bit of house swing into your stride today with yet another great freebie from Sixth Avenue Express. This rehash of Jamaica Girl’s track On the Move slows down the original and goes a more piano house route with plenty of giddy little shifts and drops as we have come to expect from the SAE guys. Music to high five strangers to.

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download button done 300x60 Sixth Avenue Express   Move On It



There’s a bucketload of edits of this classic Alicia Myers original out there (Dead Rose Music Company – Faith being my favourite) and this one is one of the better ones. Geared up for the floor this loopy full force version will get hips swinging for sure. Letting the vocal loose too much effect in the middle lifts this edit to something that’ll be playing in your head the next morning as you piece together the antics from the night before.

Here’s a free download for you
download button done 300x60 Alicia Myers   I Want To Thank You (Earl Jeffers Edit)



OH MY GAWD! This personifies summer. This laid back version expertly crafter by Dj Butcher creates that giddy feeling of summer while remaining as cool as a proverbial cucumber. It’s not a million miles from the original but is given a bit more kick and the arrangement is tweaked to get you a bit more excited, it’s summer after all, at least is is when you listen to this. Pretty perfect track to start a summer mix…….watch this space (not literally).

Here’s a free download for you
download button done 300x60 Kool & The Gang   Summer Madness (DJ Butcher Hip Cut)



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