House Of Disco

A loopy left of centre edit today as Todd Terje crafts this hypnotic slice of Turkish disco into a more organised arrangement. Like everything Todd takes on (especially his older edits) this has a finesse and class that sets it apart, the addition of a tough acid melody was particularly inspired. First heard on his essential mix a few years ago.

The powers that be have asked me to remove the download AND player of this track so apologies, you’ll have to find it elsewhere. We assumed as it was given away for free we could share it but looks like they now want to sell it, which is fair enough.

Dance floor annihilation today as Butch’s remix of Cassius tears the roof off. I first heard this in Ibiza on the dance floor of Pikes after my set, Ben Santiago dropped it and the place just went totally crazy, it was a moment I won’t forget in a hurry. Butch does that thing where he manages to squeeze an incredible amount out of one groove, it seems obvious but so many producers don’t keep it simple like this. I mean that breakdown at the five minute mark is heads down, full frenzy material. Admittedly some of the earlier vocals are a little one the fluffy side, but hey, it’s a remix.

Time for an exclusive halloween trick today from Admin, and man is this a treat! Andy Foray’s original gets it’s arrangement mutated and it’s kicks and hi-hats made a little bit more full-blooded for the dance floor, and there’s some added synth lines in there too. This edit just oozes fun, it’s playful & just silly enough for halloween while actually maintaining a fantastic groove and some killer little vocal hooks. Possibly the best halloween themed edit I’ve ever heard (‘Walk the night’ edits don’t count).

This was one of those few tracks that gets sent over via email and completely turns your head. It’s tracks like these that remind us to make sure to check all tracks we are sent because this edit from Bobby Analog has got it going on. It could probably use a more comprehensive mastering but I think the dustiness of the mix down adds to the feeling of it, nothing should be too perfect. Strong dance floor grooves here.

We’ve been loving Adesse Versions re-imaginings for a while now. I’m reluctant to call them edits as a lot of his productions involve clever sampling and arrangements that give the original a totally new feeling. This version of Testpatterns ‘Souvenir Glace’ is closer to a straight up edit, giving the original a bit more impetus and urgency. I could listen to that melody forever.

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