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Very few edit merchants out there put as much time and detailing into their work as ‘The Reflex’. His edits always have a feeling of a rare deft touch as though he’s had access to the original hallowed master recording tracks. This edit is no different if not a little less subtle than usual, opting to tear the shirt off your back in the middle of the dance-floor instead of slowly unbuttoning your blouse. Serious feel good factor here with build up after build up to keep you locked in and nice to see the horns still playing such an important part in the mix.

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download button done 300x60 Pleasure   Lets Dance (The Reflex Edit)



A smooth but rewarding production today from Argentinian producer Dino Ross. It should take you about 8 seconds to get an idea of where this edit is going. It’s not an edit per say but it leans so heavily on ‘The Whispers’ vocal that it has that edit feeling, especially when the original is let loose after 2 minutes of foreplay. Smooth stuff from a producer that is getting better and better.

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download button done 300x60 Dino Ross   Let Me Be Your Soul



Burner alert! Jacques Renault turns in a late night dancefloor remix of this Ten City original. Relentless and gutsy this remix’s loopy keys and diva vocals give you plenty to step to. There’s nothing fluffy or gentle here so maybe not one to drop at your granny’s 80th birthday party. Jacques will be playing with us at our next party in East London alongside fellow ‘Lets Play House’ label artist Fantastic man so drop by and lets get all sweaty. DETAILS HERE

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download button done 300x60 Ten City   Where Do We Go (Jacques Renault All Night Edit)



If like ‘Kero One’ you felt D’Angelo’s track ‘Spanish Joint’ was a little too mellow then this is for you! He’s added quite a lot to this to make it his own and it’s pretty effective. There’s just no wrong time to play this! It’s just a shame its so short as I think I could listen to it for at least another 5 minutes, oh well, guess I’ll just have to press play again instead.

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download button done 300x60 DAngelo   Spanish Joint (Kero One remix)



As I’m sure you’re all aware last week marked the passing of a legend, Frankie Knuckles. The outpouring of respect from the community has been remarkable and serves as a reminder that a good attitude and a focus on music with a real soul earns you timeless respect both as a producer but also as a person. One person that held such a respect for Frankie was Dimitri From Paris who has put together a tribute edit of one of Frankie’s biggest remixes of Alison Limerick. Needless to say it’s a great tribute, taking all of his favourite parts from the 7 odd remixes out there and putting them all together harmoniously and tastefully.

RIP Frankie boy

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download button done 300x60 Alison Limerick   Where Love Lives (Frankie Knuckles & David Morales remix) Dimitri From Paris Tribute Edit



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