House Of Disco

There’s an interesting story behind this one, apparently Kornél Kovács wasn’t too happy that his remix was chopped up (not by him) and included on a compilation, so he’s decided to give away his lovely remix of Tevo Howard in its entirety to us lucky divils. Full of sultry melodies and sun soaked synths this remix is a pretty large departure from the original giving it a much different direction, more of an outdoor terrace jam than an indoor sweaty number.

A rare free treat today from our buddy Doctor Dru. He’s feeling generous so has decided to giveaway this wonderfully moody remix of Canadian Bedouin Soundclash. This remix walks that difficult line between melancholy and uptempo really well with piercing vocals and a really beautiful arrangement. We like this more subdued side of the Doctor. More of this please. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming collaboration with Jeudi……details soon but thats all I will say for now.

Lashings of groove today as Red Rack’em put’s a delicate hand on this overlooked original from All Out War bossman, Solid State. The original, rumoured to be a ‘performance by a nameless Bronx DJ, allegedly recorded at a live hip-hop jam in 1980′ isn’t what is seems as the performance never happened, which proves inconsequential in the end as the music speaks for itself. Once the effects heavy intro melts away we are left with a groove that builds and builds with strings, cowbells, horns and all the usual disco fodder to set a dancefloor off. Lovely stuff that should have way more kudos.

I love it when you find a perfect warm up track, this remix from Mr Leigh is exactly that. It takes the mostly acapella original and turns it into a burner that grows and grows both in length an pace. You sort of lose yourself in its hypnotic loops and vocal and it’s only when it cuts loose at 2:35 that you snap out of it and the track really starts to go to work on you. Class stuff again from Mr Leigh.

This edit from disco anorak Joey Negro breathes fresh life into a classic. Not for the first time as many of you will recognise the samples from a 1999 number 1 ‘hit’ from Armand Van Helden, I ask you please suspend your judgement and take the original for what it is, a fantastic track. Once you do this you will see why Joey Negro has taken the time to make this his own, that bassline, those vocals and of course the strings have been masterfully re-arranged for the dancefloor, just a shame its so short. Get out and get down folks!

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