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As I’m sure you’re all aware last week marked the passing of a legend, Frankie Knuckles. The outpouring of respect from the community has been remarkable and serves as a reminder that a good attitude and a focus on music with a real soul earns you timeless respect both as a producer but also as a person. One person that held such a respect for Frankie was Dimitri From Paris who has put together a tribute edit of one of Frankie’s biggest remixes of Alison Limerick. Needless to say it’s a great tribute, taking all of his favourite parts from the 7 odd remixes out there and putting them all together harmoniously and tastefully.

RIP Frankie boy

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download button done 300x60 Alison Limerick   Where Love Lives (Frankie Knuckles & David Morales remix) Dimitri From Paris Tribute Edit



We’ve been away for a bit, quite literally, as a result we have had to slow things down on the blog for a little bit. So please excuse the more sporadic posts from us. Today’s low slung beauty from Hober Mallow is as slow and woozy as they come. It’s the vocal that keeps this one resonating, so spooky and beautiful that you’ll be hearing the echoes for hours afterwards. Hober Mallow is a good producer, we’ve put a few of his tracks up here and all have an understated strength. This is no exception. Music for astronauts.

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download button done 300x60 Asha Puthil   Space Talk (Hober Mallow Sharp as a Blade Rework)



To celebrate their upcoming release on LOFT Records the Dorsia lads have done an edit of a Robert Palmer track. Full of interesting dynamics and beautiful touches as we’ve come to expect from these guys this edit feels fresh and interesting, one of the best edits we’ve heard in a while. Loving what they have done with the vocal here, adds a bit of a fearful atmosphere.

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A real treat today as two of our favourite producers team up to deliver something beautiful, and free. Chris Malinchak’s original is one of the best tunes from last year and one of the most popular downloads House of Disco has ever offered. No better man to take it on for a remix than ‘The Magician’. He injects it with a much more hi tempo melody and a dependable hi-hat to keep time too and you groove along. Most importantly he doesn’t pull the soul from the vocals, it’s impact is still intact, just given a different and relevant emphasis. Lovely work indeed.

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download button done 300x60 Chris Malinchak   If U Got It (The Magician Remix)



Cork (Ireland) based producers Generic People have sculpted a Mount Kimbie original into something unrecognisable. Their remix is a brave one, building on some elements of the original but going a very original route, and to great effect! It’s an epic and evolving take that is over twice the length of the original, and it never gets dull. Would love to see how this one goes down on a dancefloor.

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download button done 300x60 Mount Kimbie  Blood & Form ( GENERIC PEOPLE remix)



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