House Of Disco

This was one of those tracks that before you even press play you know. You know you are going to like it, you’re rooting for it and it doesn’t disappoint. Romare’s productions are unpredictable and complex, and this tribute to James Brown certainly stays on point. It’s arrangement meanders for the first half of the track until we push through a sustained break and crash through the front door of James Brown’s gaff and surprise surprise, there’s a party happenin. Beautifully original edit here!

Let’s mix it up a little seeing as its early in the week and sometimes it’s just necessary. Todays track from Peter Power isn’t the first time we’ve featured him on the site as we’ve been fans of his track ‘Love Heave’ for a fair while now. ‘Sacral Bells’ is a fourteen minute trip out, bells seem to come from everywhere, fill every bit of space, but still the momentum remains. It’s soundscape of a patient, beautiful nature and testament to Peter’s inventiveness as a producer. It’s available for free but if you want to support the artist (please do) then you can pay what you see fit on his bandcamp HERE.

Certainly not the first edit of this seminal classic from Chic but like most of Kon’s edits certainly better than most! He’s been on fire recently and has been tapped up to officially edit some unbelievable classics, all of which have been tasteful and creative. For his version of ‘Everybody Dance’ he’s gone a dubber route than the original but where he does use the vocals they sound so so clean! The success of this edit hinges around that new break smack bang in the middle. Respectful……….respect.

Laaaaaaaaid back vibes today from Volta Cab. Oasis Dub is both balearic and woozy at the same time. Volta Cab has 2 habits, one is producing A LOT of tracks, seriously his output is crazy, and the other habit is he always makes his tracks too short. It leaves us wanting more which is great but I’m greedy, I want it now.

Sad times today as ‘Homework’, a duo responsible for some of our favourite house tracks go their separate ways and disband. It’s not all doom and gloom however as they have a parting gift for us to say goodbye and thanks for the support. The aptly titled ‘Goodbye’ sits on a nice level, never getting too carried away but never becoming tired. I for one will miss these guys!

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