House Of Disco

Something for the peak time here from Felix da Housecat. We used to be big fans of Felix but recently he’s gone a different path, which we cannot walk. But this one is testament to why we liked Felix’s playful productions. This mash-up of sorts see’s Felix draw on Frankie Knuckles original, giving it some more beef and laying a strong and provocative acapella on top. Not safe for work if you work in an accountancy firm, safe just about anywhere else, especially if its a Friday. Get’s us giddy as hell!

A treat in every way for us today. Erdbeerschnitzels productions are classy as hell and stand out from the rest, which is an all too rare attribute, as rare as a free gift from him actually! ‘Treat’ has that signature muddiness that we associate with a lot of his productions, the vocals remaining under a veil of ambiguity while the bassline carries us through. There’s something beautifully discordant about elements, brave stuff indeed.

We’ve got an exclusive download for you today, a ripper of a collaboration between the ‘Twisted Soul Collective‘ and ‘Wonder Wheel‘. They sample an old Revanche track but leave all the campness (bar one breakdown) of the original behind and go a harder, dancefloor burner route. A chunky bassline, sweeping horns and a hard hitting lower end will make this perfect for the bigger systems. Cant wait to give it a runout!

There’s an interesting story behind this one, apparently Kornél Kovács wasn’t too happy that his remix was chopped up (not by him) and included on a compilation, so he’s decided to give away his lovely remix of Tevo Howard in its entirety to us lucky divils. Full of sultry melodies and sun soaked synths this remix is a pretty large departure from the original giving it a much different direction, more of an outdoor terrace jam than an indoor sweaty number.

A rare free treat today from our buddy Doctor Dru. He’s feeling generous so has decided to giveaway this wonderfully moody remix of Canadian Bedouin Soundclash. This remix walks that difficult line between melancholy and uptempo really well with piercing vocals and a really beautiful arrangement. We like this more subdued side of the Doctor. More of this please. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming collaboration with Jeudi……details soon but thats all I will say for now.

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