House Of Disco

Laaaaaaaaid back vibes today from Volta Cab. Oasis Dub is both balearic and woozy at the same time. Volta Cab has 2 habits, one is producing A LOT of tracks, seriously his output is crazy, and the other habit is he always makes his tracks too short. It leaves us wanting more which is great but I’m greedy, I want it now.

Sad times today as ‘Homework’, a duo responsible for some of our favourite house tracks go their separate ways and disband. It’s not all doom and gloom however as they have a parting gift for us to say goodbye and thanks for the support. The aptly titled ‘Goodbye’ sits on a nice level, never getting too carried away but never becoming tired. I for one will miss these guys!

Ghanaian producer Ebo Taylor gets a little work-over today from the Soul City Social Club guys. They haven’t gone too wild on the edit and let the tracks original good time feelings endure. The brass is hookier than any chorus and this is the kind of track that proves that music transcends language, you don’t need to understand it to feel it.

It’s been a very long time indeed since we had a freebie from David August and this beautifully moody treat is well, much appreciated. His patient arrangements come to the forefront again as he works the empty space beautifully to create a atmosphere thats all his own. Ebbing around a haunting vocal that sounds like an Greek Portishead this one is for the more contemplative moments!

This Talking Heads original has been fed a different kind of drug altogether by Cid & Fancy. They slipped some acid into David Byrne’s drink while he wasn’t looking and the result is this total rebuild of the downtempo original into a much wilder beast with no sign of David’s trademark vocals in sight.

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