House Of Disco

Summer carnage today as Em Vee takes a spin re-arranging a Gibson Brothers killer. Em Vee is a not so secret moniker for an Amsterdam based producer, here’s a hint, an anagram to keep your brain busy. His name is contained in the words ‘Camel Grovel’. Anyway, sorry, back to the music. This edit seems a touch calmer than the original which is the opposite to a majority of edits, but it’s just what this track needed. It’s not trying to rewrite the rule book, but rather straightens out some of the folded corners. Lovely stuff for the warmer days!

London based Simbad was asked to remix Seun Kuti’s track for an excellent remix package. While also turning in a solid remix he also crafted a sweet dub that didn’t see the light of day, until now. This hypnotic Afrobeat monster has some really gentle subtleties and complexities that keep it fresh and interesting. It’s certainly got a lot more going on than most of the dub versions we’ve heard recently. Find a big system and crank it up!

In a House of Disco exclusive Marvin gets a work over from Black Bridge. This groovy jam hinges like so many Marvin edits do, on the vocal. It’s got a really sweet pacing though and perfect for those summer days.

It’s been a while since we put up anything from Lonely Boy. We’ve always liked his productions and this is no different. Moody and atmospheric ‘We Need The Dark’ samples a wonderful vocal from Jim James’s ‘State Of The Art’ to heart string pulling effect. Lovely stuff for an afterparty or a more contemplative moment.

This edit of Anita Ward – Spoiled By Your Love isn’t the first out there by a long shot but it’s a nice version for sure. Ian Pooley’s ‘Disco Love’ also takes a noteworthy approach to this inspiring original. L’Imperatrice takes a really small section and beef’s it right up with Hip-hop sensibilities and a heavy dose of summer sun, particularly in the second half where he goes his own route with congas and some beautiful new melodies. Lovely really and we were glad to hear him have a few flute flourishes in there.

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