House Of Disco

Serious guilty pleasure today. You know when winter gives way for the first time to spring and the sun is beaming, it feels warm for the first time and you feel just a little bit giddy and the only thing you want is to pretend it’s summer. Ned Doheny’s original ‘Give It Up For Love’ personifies this for us and this simple Dj friendly edit from Mgnfque does the trick of not doing too much to the nearly untouchable original but doing enough to make it easy to drop into a mix, which the original certainly was not. For those that don’t know the original, I’m jealous, and if you have a yacht to listen to this on, I’m even more jealous.

Seems like forever since we’ve had a freebie from edit maestro and uber producer Todd Terje. He used to do a heap of these under his Tangoterje moniker and some of them still hold strong as the best and most respectful edits. Today he’s tackled Dolly Partons seminal track ‘Jolene’. For the longest time you think he’s had the balls to do a dub version, but never fear patience prevails as you get what you’re hanging on the edge of your seat for. Tasteful, gentle and classy from one of the best producers out there.

A beautiful exclusive premiere today from Namea, a producer we have featured before and someone we think has got a fantastic touch. He’s just started an interesting new series of productions, this being part one of a four track project. The tracks will be released one by one every month. The idea is not to have them all written yet, but to implement key elements of the upcoming track at the end of it’s predecessor, as they will pick up where the former finished.

“All four songs represent a different stage of one connected journey. Much like it’s represantative, he liked the idea of not knowing where he’ll end up musically. It stays true to the wandering and uncertainty inherent to journeys.” Interesting stuff, looking forward to hearing part 2 and seeing where the journey leads.

Purveyor of silky edits Dj Vas has a reputation for churning out a serious volume of edits, normally this would be a source of worry but his quality control is pretty good indeed. ‘Groove on’ does just what you hope it will, it grooves on and on and on. All about the low end on this one.

Spooky, sexy and slow is the order of the day as this captivating production from Triblin Sound gets wound down by Umoja. There’s something about this sound, it’s familiar, almost nostalgic, as if you’ve heard it in 1000 films. Wonderfully rich and unpredictable stuff.

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