House Of Disco

Kano is without doubt one of our most influential ever disco artists. His albums were a gateway for us and so many others into just how good disco can be, another disciple is Pontchartrain who’s homage to Kano’s seminal ‘Another Life’ shows us just how much the original productions stand up in a more modern context. If you don’t know Kano then you’re in for a treat, check out his three albums between 1980 and 1983, you can thank me later.

Our buddies from Milan have put together this lovely edit of Italian drummer Tullio De Piscopo’s most famous track ‘Stop Bajon’. We absolutely love the original and it’s nice to see someone breath some new life into it. There are some nice additions but overall it doesn’t stray too far from the original, making it more Dj friendly and removing some of the weaker elements like the electric guitar. The Rollover guys throw some good parties over in Milan and we have them coming to London on Friday 2nd of October to strut their stuff.

An exclusive today! We’re big fans of the original here and we heard this one when the Autocycle guys warmed up for us in Liverpool. It struck a chord straight away as we’ve been looking for a version of this camp as hell masterpiece to play out. Loving the steel drums and just the outright hands in the air, tops off, loose your marbles nature of this.

Another exclusive today from Ben Gomori as he takes Al Green for a spin round the block. Imbibing the original vocal with a far more boisterous tempo this edit takes a bit of a risk, but it pays off in spades as the emotion carries. Such is the strength of Al’s vocals and the attention to detail Ben has put into marrying the elements.

This original has had a plethora of remixes and there are some beauties, this rendition from Leftside Wobble is certainly one. Going a busier route then most he throws a lot of new elements in the mix but keeps the production classy, which is the hard part. The original was one of those tracks that somehow passed us by, I have heard it many times while on the dance floor and have always been too into the moment of dancing to it or too drunk to shazam it or ask what it is. Except the last time! I hoped it wasn’t one of those tracks that sounds good because of a time and place, a where and when, and I was extremely relieved to find out that it is infact better than my hazy memory had remembered and Leftside Wobble has done it justice with his edit.

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