House Of Disco

Jay Shepheard and retrofit labelmate Yooj have joined forces under a new umbrella ‘Two Scoops’. The debut release from the due will be out on vinyl only at the end of the month but for now I’m afraid this will have to hold us over. Moody is the order of the day with this one as buried vocals add a muddiness to the patiently progressive production. Collaboration is something we’re huge fans of, when it works, and it certainly has here. Keep your eyes peeled for that vinyl. We’ve also got Jay Shepheard coming over to London for his album launch with us, for information & tickets CLICK HERE.

Serious novelty nostalgia wormhole today as Ali Jamieson takes us on a tongue in cheek journey through the world of 1990′s cartoons. Count Duckula is firmly imprinted in all 80′s childrens psyche’s as a lovable but forgettable cartoon series. I never thought it would resurface yet here we are. So much music takes itself so seriously, so there’s something nice about someone just having fun with it. Ali certainly does this and manages to turn the familiar theme tune into something interesting enough with a seriously hooky vocal.

We’ve featured Hober Mallow’s productions here a few times, and for good reasons. When he gets it right he gets it very right. This beefed up edit of Barbara West’s ‘Congratulations Baby’ brings the soft, short & soulful original to more danceable territory. The original sits beautifully on the new hi-hats and percussion which give it so much drive and movement. So tasty it still feels short, I’m just waiting for the vocal to come back, but maybe that keeps it sweet and moreish.

A frighteningly atmospheric halloween treat today from Ten Walls aka Mario Bassanov aka Marijus Adomaitis. This one groans ominously at you as it creaks to its climax. Unsettling enough to throw a spanner in the works of an unsuspecting punters shuffle routine.

Fouk is the production alias of Dutch duo Daniel Lesseman and Junktion, and they are foukin good! ‘Elevator Groove’ is a great track title as the chord’s that this track largely hinges on is like something you didn’t realise you heard in an elevator but end up humming all day, passing it onto unsuspecting victims as you go. Still all that aside this tracks simplicity is its strength and the reveal of an extremely hooky vocal doesn’t hurt. Full of hip swing and guaranteed to get your head doing that ‘tree in the wind’ nod this one is going to get a serious rinsing here at HOD HQ.

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