Premiere – Check out Fouk’s new ‘Gruff’ EP for House of Disco

Boiler Room have just premiered the A-Side of House of Disco’s next release. It’s a solo EP from Dutch duo ‘Fouk’ with remixes from Snacks & Ron Basejam.

“The title track and our favourite off the release, “Gruff” is an amalgamation of all funk music’s greatness ? a walking bassline underpin, groove-fuelled guitar licks, heady melodies on a wah-wah synth and dreamy vocal snippets. A healthy tribute to old-school funk in a modern-day format fit for any dance floor.” – Boiler Room

Listen on Youtube here

Fouk’s Gruff EP drops on vinyl on 18th January and digitally on 1st February 2016.

Boiler Room Debut Header image

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