This doesn’t happen often and is testament to the kind of guy that Levon Vincent is. He’s given away his entire album, for free. What a kind gesture. It’s full of interesting productions and well worth a listen or three. Download below!

Here’s some words from the man himself:

This is music for the ugly ducklings of the world, Music for swans. If you are youโ€™re a member of the rat race, climbing around a dumpster with the other rats vying for power, you may of course listen, but know โ€“ this is not music for you. This is action against you.โ€

A1 The Beginning
A2 Phantom Power
B Junkies on Hermann Strasse
C Launch Ramp to tha Sky
D1 For Mona, My Beloved Cat_ Rest in Peace
D2 Her Light Goes Through Everything
E1 Black Arm w/Wolf
E2 Confetti
F Anti-Corporate Music
G Small Whole-Numbered Ratios
H Woman is an Angel

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