Looks like we’re last to the party on this one. Thanks to our buddy Dave McDonagh for playing this the other night and getting it properly on our radar. William Onyeabor is something of an mystery. He released all this amazing music in Africa in the 70’s that went largely un-noticed by the rest of the world. Then in 2014 David Byrne’s (From Talking Heads) label Luaka Bop re-issued some of his best tracks and sent out the parts for all kinds of remixes. One of which is the Joacim remix we have for you today.

Williams got a crazy history and despite their best attempts no-one has really been able to fully put together a bio on him. Anyway, dig a little deeper on him, you won’t be sorry, for example check out the Noisey documentary about him HERE. Anyway this take on Williams original is just built for fun, not straying far from the original it gives it a bit more of a dance floor lean and plays to the originals strengths, the main inclusion is a new smoother vocal, perhaps the original was a bit too poorly recorded. Anyway if this is your first introduction to William Onyeabor I hope it leads you down the rabbit hole.

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