Todays free track comes with a pinch of melancholy. Sadly today it was announced that the amazing band 2020 Soundsystem will be disbanding at the end of their summer tour after being on the scene since 2003. This is a hugely sad time as they have been a constantly innovative and brave band and kept flying the flag of good live music even when phases like ‘Minimal’ and ‘Electro house’ threatened to drown them out. So todays post is a homage to 2020 Soundsystem, hats off to you guys for all that you have done for the scene and the smiles you’ve put on people’s faces. Today’s free track from them ‘Closure’ seems like a fitting tribute to them. Before that however here’s some of our favourite bits from them.

2020 Vision live at Sonar in 2005, it was this performance that really got them out there as they closed the outdoor stage.

Watch on youtube here


2020 Soundsystem – Sliding Away (Johnny D Vocal Mix)

This remix is testament to their cleverness when collaborating and Sliding Away was their first really successful track, its a hypnotic, brave roller that will wear out the cartilage in your knees.

Listen on Youtube here

Now for the freebie track, ‘Closure’ is a very atmospheric and accomplished track. It’s more headphone listening than dance floor fodder and has a similar feel to some of ‘Deer Hunters’ tracks in its elongated hypnosis, only this far precedes them. Its vocals catchy melody will haunt you long after the music stops, as will 2020 Soundsystem’s presence in the scene they are leaving behind them. If you get a chance catch one of their final shows this summer. Goodbye guys, and thank you for the music.

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