Sleaze on toast today. This low slung saturated little beauty will get whatever room you’re in feeling uncomfortably hot and steamy. I hadn’t come across Chip Chabralle before but I’ll certainly be keeping him on my radar. There are loads of freebies on his soundcloud if your that way inclined HERE. Curtis Mayfield is a sexy man but god damn Chip Chabralle has turned the thermostat way up. With echo heavy vocals and symbol splashes that extend to eternity this rework makes me feel a little drunk, or like someone has slipped something into my drink. I think I need to lay down…..just for a minute.

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Try and avoid this track while gambling, I went on and lets just say I’m down a few quid while this was on in the background. We’re also really happy to announce that our next event is going to be headlined by ‘Soundstream’ and he’ll be backed up by ‘Isaac Tichauer’ at Basing House on February the 1st. It’s the perfect opportunity say goodbye to the most boring month of the year, January. Its Isaac’s London debut and we can wait to see what he’s got. Also Soundstream will be playing for 3 hours so wear your most comfortable pair of session runners and lets dig in for some serious good times. To buy cheap early bird tickets for the event simply nab some on resident advisor HERE

We hope to see you in there and have a feeling that 2013 is going to be a biggy! Thanks to everyone who’s come to our previous parties.

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