Monitor 66 Guestmix

Monitor 66’s arrival on our radar has been less like a faint blip getting stronger and more like the last-minute realisation of impending meteor impact, a bit like the film ‘Deep impact’ only not rubbish. The three Swedish gentlemen that make up ‘Monitor 66’ have been responsible for one of our favourite tunes of the summer and indeed our first single release ‘Triscuits’. Our new housemates are here for the long haul outputting a string of top quality remixes and playing more and more gigs around europe.

Todays mix from the trio stays true to their manifesto, that they “Make music for sunsets”. Its got a classic heavy selection that will keep the nostalgia muscle pumping and the warmth flooding in. Beginning with an eerie confidence and a cold bleak soundscape to set the scene, the soul starts to creep in, melting the ice with the familiar tones of Sister Sledge with an edit spin. The mix moves nicely from classics to more contemporary edits and house with highlights including Move D’s amazing ‘Untitled 1’ and Rayko’s ‘Just A Little Bit Of Love’. We caught up with the guys to ask them a few questions about who they want to slap, who’s the best DJ and……..turles.


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How did the three of you meet and how did journey as a production trio begin?

CH: Me and Rehnström are from the same area in southern Sweden so we had run into each other from time to time. Forsman has spent his summers in that area as well (it’s a small area, kinda hard to avoid each other).

HR: Yeah, you know, we met through mutual friends with similar interests, a rather boring story actually. We started to produce just for fun one day in the summer, making an edit/remix thingy of an oldie, nothing fancy. That was when we realized that we should do this more often, but with beer, and that’s basically how it all began. With inspiration and alcohol.

HF: Mmh, beer,


Which do you prefer, sunsets or sunrises?

CH: I would go with sunsets. There’s nothing like hanging out at the beach with some friends and some beer and listening to some good tunes.

HF: I reckon an ideal night of disco dancing contains both a sunset and a sunrise, but If I have to choose one I’ll have to agree with Calle.

HR: I would go with sunrises actually, there’s nothing greater than enjoying a sunrise in a cold winter morning. The transformation from darkness to light whilst riding the subway gives you a strange feeling of accomplishment.


Whats the most embarrassing album you’ve ever owned?

HF: I got “Smurfs Hits ’97” as present when I was about 6, but kept it in my cd collection way too long.

CH: My relatives gave me a Celine Dion cd as a present for my birthday when I was like 14. It’s so hard for me to say I don’t appreciate presents so my dad had to step in for me and ask for the receipt.

HR: I was totally diggin’ Savage Garden there for a while…


Let me be the first but certainly not the last to ask….why the name?

HF: We stole the name from the monitors that were installed in the studio where we made our first track together.I think they were Celestion Ditton 66 studio monitors.


Whats the best gig you’ve been to this year…..and the worst?

HF: This is quite funny actually. One of the beat gigs I’ve been to this year was Cassius at the Dance Dakar-festival here in Stockholm, but Cassius has also delivered the worst set I’ve seen this year. Fortunately enough I didn’t pay to see the bad one of the two, I actually wasn’t even there. I saw the monstrosity online at Here’s the link for anyone interested in experiencing some horribleness:

CH: I went to see Death Cab for Cutie this spring on their first visit to Sweden since 2008 (which I missed). To me, that was the best gig of the year because it was so cool seeing your musical heroes on stage for the first time. The worst gig has to be a friend’s school concert. My friend’s band was actually really great but some of the ensembles there was just…

HR: One of the best gigs was as Hannes mentioned Cassius at Dans Dakar-festival. It was flawless, but also Paul Kalkbrenner did a superb job at the same festival. The worst, I don’t remember if it was in the end of last year or in the beginning of this year, but, Lifelike, he totally drenched his whole set in flanger.


What country are you guys most excited about playing in?

HF: Considering the weather here in Sweden right now I’ll be happy if we get to go some place where it’s warm.

CH: Ever since I visited Nice last summer I have wanted to play there.

HR: Eastern Europe, where the hotels are cheap and the venues are dark.


Who’s best Dj of you three? (1…2….3…..fight)

HR: Well, I could say that I am a better DJ, but i choose not to, because it’s not true.

CH: I like turtles.

HF: Yeah, it’s me. It’s basically just because I’m the only one who has turntables at home though.


If you could slap one famous person each, who would that person be?

HF: Definitely that Will.I.Am dude, he deserves a good slapping.

CH: I would have to go with Gordon Ramsey, just to see his reaction.

HR: Nicolas Cage and say, “Snap out of it!”


What are your plans for the next year, anything interesting coming up?

HR: Cookin’ up some tunes as always.

HF: We’ve been working on a solo EP that hopefully will be done late this year or the beginning of the next. (I wonder who’ll put it out)

CH: Yeah, We’ll also start working on a live set for our gigs.



1. Intro
2. Para One – Empire Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV)
3. Tony Joe White – Things About You Baby (Psychemagik Love-Dub Edit)
4. Purple Velvet – For The Love OF You
5. Sister Sledge – Thinking Of You (Norinton Remix)
6. 6th Borough Projekt – Hang On
7. Nicholas – Night In L.A
8. Rayko – Just A Little Bit Of Love
9. Todd Terje – Swing Star Pt. 2
10. Move D – Untitled  Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV)
11. Young Edits – Cloudbusting
12. Bad Rabbits – She’s Bad (Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap Remix Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV)
13. Latena Project – Only One Life
14. Teengirl Fantasy – Cheaters (John Talabot’s Classic Vocal Refix)
15. De La Soul – Stakes is High(Volta Cab edit)

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