Our compadres and newest housemates PBR Streetgang have a boggietastic gift for us all today. Their remix of a Haggis Horns seems to have been in the wings for quite some time, but no longer, they’ve loosed it. This uptempo boogie juggernaut keep accelerating and building, like a downhill ride on a pair of your mums rollerskates it gathers more and more momentum, Only instead of crashing into a lamp-post at the bottom of the hill it breaks, slows down and shifts direction like a pro. This is when it becomes really apparent who your listening to, it takes a turn for the housier but retains its hands in the air boogie soul. A hard thing to maintain. The late introduction of the bassline at the 5:15 mark is a very very good call. We’ll be bringing PBR back to London sooner than you think, keep your eyes peeled (not literally please).

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