July’s Label of the Month: Tusk Wax

Words by: Christopher Collins

Now we all, at some point, have loved participating in a good ole game of pass the parcel, if not for the winner’s privilege of getting the prize, but for the excitement in timing your passing for the stopping of the music….

With the digital age in full throttle, the delight in unwrapping a newly delivered piece of vinyl can certainly be a an exhilarating experience…this is taken to another level when presented with a limited edition (400 presses on each release) from recently formed London based record label Tusk Wax….even before allowing the needle to press the grooves the experience has truly begun, safe in the knowledge that each piece of wax released by Tusk are hand stamped with ink made from the “ground up tusks of unicorns and sperm whales!”

So you may ask, what does the love child of such a conception sound like….well each release could easily be accused of being the “milkman’s”, possessing seemingly unrelated, unique and individual characteristics, not constrained by a particular genre and wondrous life of their own.

If pushed to describe collectively….lush strings with deep house baselines can often be enjoyed, best exemplified through House of Disco’ current fave, “Tusk Wax Five” which brings 2 tracks from the prolific Ejeca. Firstly, with the exuberantly energised 90s house vibe, “X Girl” and then as an added bonus we are gifted a chance to feel the Bicep treatment on the track “Pushed” with its dubbed out deep house baselines taking on us a journey you just don’t want to end.

So like a game of pass the parcel; au contre, it’s not the music you want to stop but indeed begin..!

Within the first 12 months, Tusk have enjoyed a SOLD OUT sign on each of their first 7 releases, with their Tusk Wax Eight due for release, it may be wise to get involved and get yourself a rare piece of wax, reassuringly stamped with the fluids of fantastical beings!

Our current TUSK favourite is Tusk Wax 5

[Listen here]

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