Trickski Guestmix

Todays very special houseguests are the broadly talented berlin duo Trickski. These guys are responsible for crafting some of our favourite tracks recently which went out on labels like Permanent Vacation and their family label Suol. Daniel and Yannick have gathered a huge online following through their popularity on Soundcloud an its well deserved, they have a deft touch when it comes to production and instead of taking the approach of ‘throw things at it until something sticks’ like a lot of producers they air on the side of caution, never including an element unless its necessary. This coupled with their love of all things deep makes them distinct in their own right, giving them a sound you can almost recognise, not an easy task.

Their mix is more downtempo then we expected, a nice surprise, and is brimming with soul (or in this case Suol) and character. It begins with a low slung, cocktails at dusk vibe and continues in its lush heavy fashion progressively gaining momentum adding more and more warmth and sun. It’s a bit like watching the sunset, only backwards, so instead of chilling out you instead find yourself in the heat of the day.

They guys are playing in Corsica Studios tonight Thursday 5th April with Andrew Weatherall at A Love From Outer Space (Details here). Well worth a look/listen




How did the name Trickski come about? Do you do tricks while skiing?

It was the early 2000s and we were thinking anticyclically: we were looking for something totally uncool that could still represent us. swingbo was an option, snakeboard (yannick was really good at it), rollerblade was another one. Trickski had the amazing elho aesthetics and willi bogner culminated it with his fire, ice and dynamite films. so we thought: right on! that’s us! on top of that trickski as acrobatic skiing is an olympic discipline that combines three fields: acrobatic jumps, buckelpiste (thats german for bumpy slope – maybe you know the right word) and dancing on skis, doing flips, tricks whatever. Sometimes we were brutal, sometimes graceful and sometimes daring. All of the time we were doing what we liked without looking too much for what’s hot at the moment. so trickski was the perfect fit.

Your sound has changed since you first formed in 2005, are you constantly shifting or have you found a sound you’d like to perfect?

For us there is no perfect sound, how could there be. We were and are constantly on the hunt for new fields. For is it is more interesting to cross boundaries and find new spaces than digging a really deep hole. Nevertheless we have always pursued this hunt in our very own melodic, yet rough and playful manner.

Whats the biggest argument you guys have had, and was it over a girl?

No, it was not over a girl. Actually, we are both pretty peaceloving and diplomatic thugs 😉 We disagree every once in a while in the creative process but we always manage to solve these things on a partner level. Actually we are a really good team.

Whats been the biggest turning point for you guys, is the any singular event that really created a shift?

There has never been a big shift. We always proceeded in small steps. Small progresses and also failures. For a certain time it felt like we had lost our sound but after a while we got back on track. It is all about trying over and over, about being critical to yourself, about not releasing stuff that you can not stand up for and about not trying to please people by doing what they expect or what they might want.

You guys are now doing a ‘live’ show. Can you tell us a little bit about what this involves?

It involves both of us reworking our own music live on stage. what do you expect? 😉

Whats the worst thing anyones ever said to you while you were dj-ing?

One thing quite some time ago was that we were banging it pretty hard – for our standards in those days – and somebody complimented our “great lounge set”.
and, the all time favorite: “can you play some real hiphop like david guetta or dj antoine?”

Whats been your favourite recent gig?

Italy has always been great for us, venice, moxa, milan. England is also great fun. People seem to really dig our sound and understand it in a different way than the berliners. Actually, there were some amazing gigs in germany and berlin too… it is very hard to tell… every gig can be great in its own way – besides the really bad ones. Luckily they happen very, very seldomly by now.

In a sprint race who would win, Daniel or Yannick?

He who runs faster.

Is there anything coming up that your really looking forward to gigs/release wise?

We hate looking forward to things. In our calendar is a gig at the corsica studios with andrew weatherall, a gig in sweden, a little tour in mexico and panama in april (our podcast is a bit in that special beachy summer spirit), another suol label night in london, the third 12″ to our album “unreality” including great remixes and new versions by ourselves, a new trickski 12″ with totally new material, and remixes we did for dj hell on gigolo and young fresh producers from munich called cocolores on exploited records.

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