An exclusive download today folks. Berlin’s ‘The Drifter‘ is responsible for todays sonic treat. He’s taken a relatively new track and re-interpreted it. The main source of newness comes from the arrangement, creating a new feel and really using those japanese chords to great effect. The Drifter is defo a man to watch, subtlety in the production is a surefire sign of a deft hand. I think the comment on the soundcloud track say it’s better than I could. “This is like being on a sailboat through the gates at the mouth of a golden fleeced goddess” Check him out on Soundcloud HERE

If you HAVE twitter or facebook then here’s a free download


For anyone that hasn’t heard yet our next event has been announced and our special guests are Tiger & Woods. It’s going to be a bit special so avail of your early bird tickets and get details HERE

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