Duff Disco Guestmix

What with edits being the new black and every man and his Mac who is willing and able(ton) slapping an eight extra bars to the beginning of a track and calling it an their own, it takes a little something extra to stand out in the crowd. Duff Disco has proved himself to be a man who has that something extra. Championed by the likes of legendary edit king Greg Wilson to new kids on the scotch block, The Revenge and The 6th Borough Project, he has managed that rare feat, to slide in to a market that seemed flooded and make a real impact. Duff, or Jeremy as his mum calls him has stitched together a patiently crafted and sonically diverse guestmix for The House of Disco that starts deep, tries to mate soul with house, uses disco grooves as a condom, only to father a hypnotising and astounding final 30 minutes. He should be very proud indeed. Duff has managed to craft a distinct sound for himself in a genre awash with complacency and laziness and is moving from release to release with increasing confidence.

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We caught up with Duff and picked his brains.

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How did Duff Disco come about, and whats the background to building and creating this sound?
I actually got named it by accident when i did a remix for Universal a while back, i called it ‘Duff’s Deep Disco Mix’ and they made a mistake, so i thought ah well, fuck it i’ll stick with that. Don’t ever remember specifically thinking about a sound, I was out having lunch and heard Bowies ‘Fame’ come on and thought i could rework that into a chugger, so did it that night and carried on from there!
Are you more influenced by classic disco sound of the commercial 70’s explosion, or the more Scandinavian take on cosmic disco that has been apparent in the last decade?
Both and really everything else, its just about hearing a groove or part in a track that i feel i can work.
Do you feel more comfortable doing edits or your own productions, and why the preferred choice?
I’ve been producing a while, only tried doing an edit at the beginning of 2010, it’s fun adding to tracks, i don’t necessarily see them as just edits, like to think they are more remixes but i like doing both, think originals are a bit more satisfying to me when people are into them!
What kind of sound do you feel you ultimately want to make?
One that makes you break down and fall onto your knees with such emotion you are temporally disabled, maybe.
What kind of programming and techniques do you use to create your sound? And whats your approach to sampling?
This could be an essay, i’ll keep it simple and say i generally tend to pick sounds from the beginning that match the whole structure in terms of dynamics and EQ, i tend not to use EQ too much at all, i keep things simple and don;t over produce but it\s all about getting those tiny details right, delays and reverbs spot on. Sampling – I browse through old records but then generally try and get a wav if possible, if not, sample off 1210’s through studio mixer straight into Logic….yawn!
Who are your favourite producers or producing influences?
Hmm, don’t really have specific producer influences… but been digging Tornado Wallace and Nicholas’ productions at the mo! all about having the ear! they got the ear!
Do you feel there is a growing popularity and literacy towards re-edits in London? Or is it very much still an underground genre?
Gotta be honest, i’m quite young and i haven’t been doing this for long so i can’t really answer this question i’m no disco warrior.
Do you have a certain approach when it comes to DJing?
I tend to try and get one record in time with the other, when that fails i get horrendously drunk and shout at people that aren’t dancing.
Do you get to play as regularly as you want and where are your favourite venues and locations?
I have my other alias which i’m playing more under at the moment ‘Duffstep’, haven’t played too much under duff disco .. few international gigs, definitely want to crack on with more which i plan too over summer, i’m thinking boat parties at sea, rooftops, beach huts and jungle parties! Keep them small though, best parties!
What does the future hold for Duff Disco?
I decided today i’m going to work on an album.
Interview by Michael White
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Marlow – Intro [Room With A View Germany]
Duff Disco – I Remember [White]
Duff Disco – You Wish [Duff Disco]
Hot Toddy – Won’t Let Go [Smoke N Mirrors]
Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love (Manuel Tur’s Tin Cry Remix) [Permanent Vacation]
DD17 – You Know How I Feel Social Disco Club [Disco Devience]
Toomy Disco – Age Of The Jaguar [So Sound Recordings]
Green Meadows – What’s Up [Blank Artists]
Duffstep – Your Touch (Francis Inferno Orchestra Remix) [Join The Dots]
Duff Disco – How We Do [White]
Franc Sprangler – Forever And A Dub [Delusions Of Grandeur]
Duff Disco House Of Disco Mix Mashup
The Mole – Knock Twice [Wagon Repair]
Soul Clap – Dreams Of Tomorrow [Wolf+Lamb]
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