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What an absolute honour. When I set up the The House of Disco record label in July 2011 as an evolution of the blog it was one of those hobbies I couldn’t shake. I did it as a bit of an experiment to keep my life interesting in the face of working a job I hated. I needed a creative outlet for my newfound passion for, well, disco. Anyway it quickly became apparent that people gave a shit about my passion project and it grew into much more than an experiment. It didn’t take long before the label and the rest of House of Disco became my main focus. I ditched the now redundant job and that pie chart that used to read 85% ‘work’ 15% ‘passion’ switched dramatically to 95% ‘my work is my passion’ and 5% ‘freakout that i’ll starve to death’. It’s been 6 years now and the love for what I do is still there, going strong, and having House of Disco named as one of the most influential disco labels of the past decade by Mixmag reminds me that 6 years later people still give a shit too and that makes me a very proud fella indeed.
Thanks to everyone who has supported the label, most importantly the artists who trusted me with their babies, the peeps who bought the music, the dancers with their heads down, the lovely souls who sent the kind messages when they didn’t have to and the people who took a risk helping me in the early days. Let’s keep the fire burnin, I know I will.     – Magnier

Yesterday I was asked back to Redlight Radio to play for an hour. Enjoy and if you have any track requests just let me know.

– Magnier

Or you can check out the video here:

Listen to – FEEL MY BICEP MIXTAPE 68 – Magnier (House of Disco)

Magnier’s mix for FEEL MY BICEP has just gone up on Soundcloud for your streaming pleasure. One for the daydreamers and science fiction lovers.

Listen on Soundcloud here

Here’s the interview:

Delighted to have Magnier from The House Of Disco delivering this week’s FMB mixtape. The guys have been running a blog, a label and a series of events in London for over 5 years, the next one coming up is next week with Hammer. As usual we caught up wit him to see what he’s been up to:

“I’ve just moved to Amsterdam from London after 8 years there so between that and running all the House of Disco stuff it’s been pretty hectic, the good kind of hectic though. I also have another anonymous label (ohhhh mysterious) that I run with a friend and have been playing lots of gigs around Europe, so getting to meet/work with so many great people which all which adds to the fun.

I haven’t got a proper setup in Amsterdam yet, I’m one turntable short at the moment, and seeing as I was travelling in Sri Lanka over the holidays I decided to dust off my copy of Ableton for recording this mix and do it on the go. As I mostly record mixes live with decks it was nice to revisit a different method. I forgot how much you can mess around with tracks & loops in Ableton and how much craic it is, such a time rabbit-hole.

As I run ‘House of Disco’ people tend to think of me as a disco dj only, which really isn’t true. For this mix I wanted to indulge my love of Science Fiction, I daydream about space all the time and I wanted to put together something to get your mind wandering but that’s also got a bit of an energy to it. I also didn’t want the pace to be too frantic, that’s not very conducive to daydreaming. I left a lot of the tracks quite long so you get the full journey.

Next up I have gigs in Amsterdam, Beirut & Istanbul and London where I’m playing with Hammer as part of the new series of House of Disco parties. Next release on the label is an EP from Aroop Roy and then another EP from Harry Wolfman shortly afterwards. Apart from that I’m just gonna keep putting out & playing out music I love and hope that it keeps me smiling and people dancing.”

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